Saturday, October 29, 2016

How you can finish reading entire Qur'an in Ramadan...

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Read 4 pages of the Qur’an after every Shalat. Make sure you understand it. 5 prayers X 4 pages = 20 pages. 20 pages= about 1 juz. 1 juz X 30= the entire Qur’an. So simple!

What is a "juz’" of the Qu’ran?

The main division of the Qur’an is into chapter (surah) and verse (ayat). The Qur’an is additionally divided into 30 equal sections, called juz’ (plural: ajiza). The divisions of juz’ do not fall evenly along chapter lines. These divisions make it easier to pace the reading over a month’s period, reading a fairly equal amount each day. This is particularly important during the month of Ramadan, when it is recommended to complete at least one full reading of the Qur’an from cover to cover.

Make this the best Ramadan you have ever had insha'Allaah!!

Please prepare yourself for Ramadan by finding out all necessary information so that you do not commit common errors caused by lack of knowledge. Make sure you know who must fast, what acts are obligatory in a fast, what acts invalidate the fast, what acts are permissible during a fast, when zakatul-fitr is due, etc. 

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